Diary of a Shoot, Day 6 — Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Telluride 6.8

What is this thing? It's really that cool.

I’ve been doing this stuff for a good chunk of my life – the only career I’ve ever had. And so when I’m talking about the quality of a day–the light, the crew, the shots, the vibe–I’ve got a fair bit to compare it to. Thousands of days on set. That said, today ranks pretty high on my list of epic days. It’s so late right now that I can barely type, but stay with me for a few minutes if you can stomach it, cause I’m about to lay it on pretty thick…

5:00am wake up call. More fresh snow on the gound. Sky is crystal clear.

6:00am roll out. We’re 30 people deep in 5 or 6 suvs.

7:00am arrival at snowmobile rental – same place we scouted. 15 snowmobiles with drivers haul us deep into the woods, along ridges and through valleys and into one of the most beautiful mountain basins I’ve ever seen. Moon is setting over the Wilson range as the sun is rising. Epic views is an understatement….

Telluride 6.1

Our fleet of snowmobiles.

8:30am arrive at location. Almost 12,000 feet of elevation. Pure blue sky. Not a lick of wind. Unreal location. Crew mood is over the top enthusiasm – we keep talking how few people get to experience something like this – we all wish we could share this more easily.

Telluride 6.2

Scotty looking like a player. Pre-sunrise in the mountains.

10:00am. We’re shooting already. Today is entirely motion/video. We’ve got lots of toys. Stunning views. Epic snow. Hiking. At. This. Elevation. Makes. Flatlanders. Like. Me. Want. To. Pass. Out. But I love it.

10:00am – 6pm. We are crushing it. Stunning light. Multiple cameras catching every moment. We’re shooting handheld, on sticks, steadicams, cranes and jibs…and a helicopter. But not the big ones. This is the remote chopper that if you don’t know about you’ll be happy you read this post. My friends Tabb and Hugh at FreeFly Cinema are on set with us and we’re flying the AF-100 cine camera around like it’s god’s own eyes. Feeling like a kid in a candy store.

Telluride 6.3

The boot pack we put in to access terrain. Managing the fresh snow tracks is mission critical.

6:30 – 7. We nail the sunset shot. I mean nail it. Can’t wait for you to see this. High fives, hugs, fist bumps, everything all around. I’m humbled to be a part of this hardworking and talented crew.

Telluride 6.5

Crew setting up for the sunset shot on the ridge.

7 – 10pm. Moving all the people and gear out of the mountains is a gigantic task. It seems like the people and gear multiplied while we have been up here.

10pm. Back at our car. Driving away from an amazing day.

10:45. Catch one of the last restaurants still open in Telluride. Scarfing.

11:30 Stumble back to the hotel. Must write.

Telluride 6.6

Hugh, yours truly and Tabb. Oh and that amazing flying camera. The FreeFly Cinema guys rock.

Telluride 6.9

After the hero shot, playing with the chopper in epic light... That's yours truly.

12:00 midnight. Can’t do any of today the justice it deserves. Makes me feel lucky to be alive. Out.

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