Diary of a Shoot Followup — Ask Your Questions + Snapshots of Carnage

Yours truly. Crushed after 10 days.

As a followup to my last 9 “Diary of a Shoot” posts where I scribbled the play by play as well as my thoughts each night in a blog post, I thought I’d wrap that up with two things.

1. I want you to be able to ask questions that I did not address in my posts. There were hundreds that I didn’t get to. I’m currently scheduling a #AskChase episode of chasejarvisLIVE next week, so if you want your questions about the “Diary of a Shoot” answered. Please ask them in the comments below. I’ll grab a bunch of those questions and respond LIVE next week – anyone can tune in for free. Time/date TBD, follow here, Facebook, or Twitter to find out where/when.

2. Also, I wanted to share a few other snapshots of human and gear carnage. A lot of your comments along the way were about how harsh these gigs could be on humans and gear. You’re right on both accounts. As such, let these photos serenade your questions above… The below self portraits were all grabbed between leaving the mountain immediately after getting our last shot and arriving in Seattle at 10pm. The crew featured in these shots is not nearly nearly complete, just happened to be a bunch of us people all on the same flight. For the rest of the crew that wasn’t on our flight, you’re lucky. I’ll post haggard looking shot of you later.

Enjoy these honest and brutal snapshots and feel free to ask any questions in comments below…

First, the gear….

Yours truly sitting in snowstorm with Nikon D7000 video rig.

Half dozen cameras, large lens package, steadicam, jib, monitors, other misc gear on weather standby between shots. A big pile of money, freezing. But it all pulls through in the end.

Scott de-ices one of our Nikon D7000 cameras with rode mic and zacuto zfinder.

Now for the people….en route back to Seattle on our flight…







Scott. (I think he cheated and made a goodlooking self portrait)


Ask any questions you’d like answered in next weeks LIVE show about this shoot in comments below. If you asked in earlier posts and they did not get answered, please kindly re-ask them here.

Now excuse me while I go tend to my chapped lips.

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