Talent is Everywhere: Photography Poetry

This work deserves a more in depth sharing at a later date, but in short I’ve done some recent work with the(RED) project around new ways to document, cultivate and otherwise further explore the intersection of music with film & photography. Things beyond the music video, honestly. Real integration, raw integration that sprouts up organically or from small, simple roots. The particular work I was doing on the day we shot the above was literally in the streets. Emotionally charged. Moving. Powerful. Some solid photos came out (click around here for a couple – more later), but what I was most excited about was that this work led me to meet the above man, and record the above piece live. He wished simply to be called “Corey”. The piece is Photography Poetry .

Talent is everywhere.

[If you don’t know about (RED), the beneficiary for the work is the Global Fund aimed at fighting AIDS in Africa. Me thinks you’ve seen other (RED) work from brands like Apple, Nike, Converse, & Starbucks. Learn more about (RED) here.]

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