Show Me Yours & I’ll Show You Mine

Over the next week, I’ll be holding onto the last few official days of winter – shooting a next year’s holiday campaign up in the mountains. In prep for the project, we were perusing a few reference images from my archive and I stumbled on a few I like. Here’s one above, and a few more after the jump.

While I AM looking forward to the spring and summer just as much as anybody, I’m actually having a hard time letting go of this current winter. In an attempt to kiss it goodbye, I’m hoping you’ll show me one or two of YOUR favorite winter pictures.

On the off chance you have something you’d like to share with me or others here, post a link to that image in the comments below. Anything goes if its got winter in it. [God knows you folks out in NYC should have plenty of material given the season you’ve had.] I’ll peep every image, perhaps link to a few over the next week or so, or send out some a signed book or two if an inspired image shows up. If you’re already onto spring, don’t sweat it.

Wish me luck this week. [couple more shots after the jump]

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