The Youth Gone Wild. In Reverse.

I stumbled on this a while ago and forgot to share… The controversial UK teen show came to the USA.

Let’s skip the debate about the morality of the content–whether it’s exploitative or informative or neither. On a purely visual basis, I’d say Writer/Director Evan Silver comes up gold in the promotional intro to MTV’s “Skins” about the youth gone wild.

IMHO it’s dope. Inspirational cinematography that’s not over the top technically. Well written. A killer edit (by Nathan Byrne). An elegant use of timeline, speed ramps, and the content marries exceptionally well with the shooting style. Perfect beats for the piece as well. It’s got RVI. Raw visual impact.

[BTW, if you took moral issue with the spot… (or if there’s cynic in your soul) then you’d better watch the parody version here. You’ll be happy to know that the kids are all perfect–monopoly, sunny delight, and bubbles–just like you thought they’d be.]

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