How & Why We Get Hired :: Interview with an Art Director

In case you missed the last chasejarvisLIVE, we posted the above video excerpt of my interview segment with art director/creative mojo/REI brand manager Jason Sutherland. In this video interview, Jason shares wicked insight on how photographers get selected for jobs, where he and his art director/creative director peers look for new talent, how he judges your work, why, and a whole lot more.

The above vid is only a portion of the full broadcast. Here’s a reminder on how this smorgasbord of chasejarvisLIVE content is shared so that you can get it how you want it going forward…

1. To get the full broadcast, and to be able to ask your questions via chat and twitter, you need to watch them LIVE on the day that they occur, or enjoy the rewatch posted exactly 12 hours later for those on the other side of the planet. For schedule and notice about when/where these are, follow the blog, twitter, Facebook.

2. Just 24 hours after the live broadcast we will post a full audio-only podcast version, downloadable here via free subscription in iTunes (or here via rss feed). I’ve heard from lots of you that… …having this recording in their possession so they can listen anytime they want is useful. As such, we’ll continue to post these.

3. Approx one week after the LIVE show, you can get a video excerpt–not the full show, but a segment chopped outta the show to share some of the content–via my Youtube channel (subscribe here). This saves us on edit/upload effort and hopefully encourages you to tune in live and participate in the worldwide conversation that happens on that day.

Lastly, what is NOT a part of the above replay from chasejarvisLIVE but IS AVAILABLE via a video podcast exclusive, is my 15 minute interview with the wildly inspirational explorer Mike Horn. ||UPDATE: That video is also available at the bottom of this post!|| Mike is hands down one of the most motivating and personally inspirational people I’ve ever met. The VIDEO podcast exclusive is available by subscribing here in iTunes for free [or for the non-iTunes folks via RSS here].

There you have it. Lots of free content in a bunch of different ways. LIVE broadcast, video podcast, audio podcast, youtube, twitter, facebook.

Get some.

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