Photographer Chris Jordan on his Midway Project

I’m a huge fan of the work of a friend of mine, photographer Chris Jordan. His work is both subtle and bold, timely and timeless. Among other things, it beautifully (albeit tragically) explores human consumerism/consumption and the resulting detriments to the planet. From his work, we get a sense of freedom to grieve this predicament, but also a motivation toward change and inspired cause-based activism. The above video is a short chronicle of Chris’ midway project–a heavy, but brilliant undertaking.

This interview is the work of a longtime filmmaker buddy, Riley Morton, and is the first step in a collaboration between myself and Riley where we get together and–via my curation of subjects and his interviews–tell short stories about interesting people in our professional circles. It’s my hope that you’ll like learning about Chris and his work. If this idea catches on, I’d like to do more of these with other folks too.

More of Chris’ work here.

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