Who Stole My Hair? [Happy April Fools’ Day]

Happy April Fools’ Day. Here in the ol’ USA, today is an unofficial holiday where gags, jokes and general tomfoolery are played on/between/amongst friends. In true fashion, there is plenty of said tomfoolery happening around our place.

In a totally bizarre turn of events true fashion, it seems that some members of my crew have shown up to work today styled-up to look like one another. Here are a handful of mugshots. If you’ve got a spare minute, humor us by correctly identifying the staff member in each image and whose other staff members’ hair they’ve borrowed (head/face?) for the day. Perhaps I’ll send a signed Seattle 100 or TBCITOTWY book to a few people who nail it.

Good luck. Happy Friday. Play a prank on somebody for me today if you can.

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