How To Blow Your Career In Photography

Here’s a sure-fire way to blow your career in photography:

1. Take lots of photos.
2. Get on twitter.
3. Start a blog.
4. Assist for another photographer.
5. Buy a better camera.
6. Create a “style” that’s all your own.
7. Hire an intern.
8. Get an agent.
9. Do behind-the-scenes videos.
10. Get a studio.
11. Franchise your business.
12. Live off your stock library.
13. Sell your prints.
14. Get some gear sponsors.
15. Teach workshops.
16. Do a book.

Now you’re confused.

Ok, so my point is NOT to avoid doing any of the things on the above list – there are lots of good things in there. My point is that old recipes die hard. And guarantees are few and far between.

By following some old-model plan for how to be a photographer, a filmmaker, a creative whatever, you’re surely doomed. Because there isn’t one anymore. If you’re not……actively looking for a way to differentiate, to blaze your own path, to nuke the mold, your chance of survival is slim and your chance of raging success is even slimmer.

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