Support Twitter-Sourced Project “2:46 Quakebook”

As the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami have fallen lower on the news-cycle, a group of committed artists, some friends of mine and a whole lotta people–Yoko Ono, William Gibson, Barry Eisler, Jake Adelstein, Kings of Leon and others–have stepped up to create 2:46 #Quakebook, a “rich collection of essays, artwork and photographs submitted by individuals around the world, including people who endured the disaster and journalists who covered it.”

Quakebook, started with a tweet, just and idea, and now has emerged as fully formed art book. Amazon is printing this book for free and selling it physically (forthcoming). But the digital version of the book is available here. Buy it and please tell your friends.

100% of the proceeds go to Japan Red Cross.

The power of producing such a project and the speed behind which it has been exacted is seriously remarkable. Not only does it give hope and aid to the victims of the disaster, but it gives us creatives more insight, momentum, curiosity, and vision into the continued growth/evolution of high-quality, socially-sourced projects. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Japanese proverb: “Nasake wa hito no tame narazu”. Translation: the kindness we bestow on others benefits not only them but in some ways ourselves as well.

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