Update on Dasein Installation [+ Re-Watch of Announcement]

Yowza. Just posting the chasejarvisLIVE rewatch here of the initial announcement and quick update on the project I launched just 4 days ago. (video above, audiocast version here.). Thanks to you and the worldwide creative community, the Dasein: An Invitation to Hang installation in NYC is off to an unbelievable start. I’m blown away by the images, the volume, and your response to the project. Humbled. Inspired. But we’re just getting started.

Yours truly and my on-the-ground crew have been working 18+ hours per day getting this project up to speed. I’ve been shooting like mad thanks to all the inspiration coming in from around the world, AND I’ve been looking at pictures from wakeup to sleep since Thursday. Since kickoff, we had 1000 images in the first hour and are currently averaging more than 1000 images per day. Of those, we’re printing and hanging between 100 and 350 completely fresh images everyday for the physical installation. Serious affair. Now that we’re fully up to speed and…… have a workflow in place to handle the project demands, this thing is starting to really hum.

In the coming 48 hours, here’s what you can expect:

_we will continue the torrid pace of photographing NYC, reviewing your contributions to online installation InvitationToHang.com site, curating those images and installing our favs in the physical gallery here at the Ace Hotel. 100-200 new images on average everyday – a living, breathing physical gallery refresh daily.

_I’ll begin sharing some of my favorite images–some that I’m shooting and some that you’re contributing–here on the blog. I’ll be looking for your comments. On my work and the work of others.

_We’ll do some video updates from the gallery, some running commentary on great images. If you’re looking to see if your images are hanging, this is a good way to see ‘em.

_and the traditional (non-Dasein project) content on the blog will resume, perhaps even ramp up.

Reminder that this art installation would love your participation to help make it as powerful as it can be. Kick over as many quality images as you’d like. And this is not a competition, so share this with your friends. Friends who aren’t photographers, who don’t read industry blogs. A wide net. The more the marrier, and the installation will be stronger because of all this. Also, you should read my work-in-progress manifesto for the project (half way down the post) if you haven’t already to see why I believe so deeply in the snapshot as an emerging, elevated form of art.

Until then, I’m off to go shoot some more images. Keep yours coming. InvitationToHang.com and here’s an insider tip: check out the “Thumbnail Mode” in the sidebar of the project site. It’s damn cool.

More to come.

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