Camera Geeks Unite :: Chase Jarvis TECH: Dasein Camera Arsenal [video]

I don’t talk about gear all that much, but this one goes out to you camera geeks and gearheads. So many of you have been asking about the array of cameras I’m shooting while living in NYC (and somewhat in line with yesterday’s post) we decided to whip up a quick Chase Jarvis TECH video to run you through them. Ten formats in all, from top of the line Nikons, to old Polaroids, even some vintage stuff from the 1950’s. Check it.

[And, as you might imagine, I’m burning through a bunch film while I’m experimenting with all these toys during Dasein: Invitation To Hang. As such I want to say huge thanks to B&H, Polaroid, Fuji, and the Impossible Project for backing me with film for this adventure. You can pickup any/all the tasty films I mention in the vid here from B&H, except for The Impossible Project stuff, which is best to get here…and, update, is made in the Netherlands, correction from what I said in the vid ;) ]

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