Dasein Achieving Milestones — More Excitement To Come

Whew. Just a quick note to update you on the Dasein: Invitation To Hang installation and project. In short, it’s still going gangbusters. The definition of gangbusters is open for interpretation, but here’s a few things I know:

_The quality of the work you’ve sent in is amazing, inspirational, and exciting. It breeds optimism of what thousands of talented photographers can create together.
_Hundreds of truly amazing images are still pouring in everyday from professional photographers, celebrities, amateurs, yours truly, some of the most well known shooters in the world, and everything in between.
_There are more than 15,000 images so far into the project which I haven’t taken any time to verify, but I’ve been told is one of the largest such fine art installations ever. And it continues to grow rapidly.
_The installation of our collective work has earned the attention of curators from several of the largest and most prominent Museums in NYC and the world.
_There is participation from more than 150 countries worldwide.

In short, this is larger and more successful that I’d ever imagined. Despite there only being 5 days left to have your images become a part of this project (submission period ends on Friday June 24th at midnight PDT at InvitationToHang.com) I’m getting a strong sense that this will actually be the beginning — a commencement if you will — of something much larger. Legitimate interest from many of the worlds most prestigious fine art institutions has been overwhelming and amazing… Where can we go from here? We’ll know soon enough, but for now, I’m just hoping to continue to see your cool fine art work pouring in.

We’re all in this together.

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