Enjoy Your [Demolished] Breakfast at 1000fps

I’m never one to drop a heavy post on you headed into the weekend. So this one is light. So light in fact that it floats in the air like your morning toast and coffee and orange juice you’re about to eat. You may have caught this a couple weeks ago, but I was too buried to share it. So here ’tis. Consider this while you’re grabbing brunch over the next two days. The above is the behind-the-scenes. After the jump is the final piece.

[Side note: one thing I like about this is that it’s not that difficult, but the result is lovely. There is no brain surgery happening here, no mysterious lighting, no crazy hardcore effects. Relatively speaking, this is about as straight forward as it gets with a high speed camera and a commercial. Good concept. I can’t say that I always prefer this style, but it’s a reminder that often times simple concept, good execution makes good stuff. ]

Finished vid after the jump…

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

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gus says:

To those who leave comments about the waste of $80 of breakfast ingredients : I imagine you are likely to have a digital camera as you’re viewing this website. If you truly, from the bottom of your heart, feel that dissapointed about the video footage, you will take your beloved camera, sell it on ebay, post the link to the auction on this website, and forward the money to a charity that actually gives a sh1t about poor people and does something about it. No? Didnt think so. “All of us are experts at practicing virtue at a distance. ~Theodore M. Hesburgh”

Awesome work – looks like a lot of fun, apart from the eggs at the end!

Kristen says:

ok, you guys are having too much fun. the music really makes this vid.

Ness B says:

Thanks for sharing!!! now to throw my coffee this sunday and capture it…

Awesome! Beautiful video! :)

Christian Held says:

Hey this made me hungry. I’ve got most of the ingredients at home so had a nice breakkie as we call it here in Scotland. Was quite tempted to try that myself but gave up on it as my camera isn’t shooting that slow :(

David G. says:

I wish I’d have been able to eat all that after! Yum.

Cory says:

Made me very hungry, so I would have to say it was effective!

fas says:

Awesome videos. Really amazing, well shot.

Question – can a DP get their hands on the Phantom Flex *without* smashing something just for fun? ;-)

Methinks not.

As for wasting food – there are few things more wasteful than your average film/tv/commercial shoot… Something is always being rendered useless by the production methods. Singling THIS ad out is farting in the wind. Giving set food to the homeless after a shoot is actually illegal in some cities (someone got sick once, and sued a crew for donating their leftovers).

McDonalds trashes hundreds of burgers for a single shot of a patty – and it all goes in the trash.

Kudos to a creative shoot.

Meerz says:

OMG! that’s amazing !!!!

Rachel Tatem says:

Looks like an amazing spread!

Han says:

I have loved almost every blog posting till this one. The food need not get to Africa, passing it to some homeless people on the streets will make their week one worth living. This is definitely not something I will be proud of doing or having it on my reel.

Rockwell says:

Agree Han. Who says Africans are only hungry, and Pitboy says third world why to think about this. We differentiate who is 1st world or 3rd world. Every country has poor people.

Need to help them and I do as much as I can. Atleast I dont waste food for this kind of creativity. I am shocked after seeing above two videos.

I do so many commercial vids’ photos and follow Chase’s blogs sincerely but personally I did not like this and it does not mean that everyone will hate this video. Its upto you guys how to take this.

Kathleen says:

You know what? After you are finished being judgemental & political while mentioning your reel, you may want to lightening up, open your eyes a bit, and actually do what this beautifully shot piece suggests: Rethink the word “breakfast.” Grab a good dictionary if need be.

And half of the world starving to death. have a good weekend.

Matt Timmons says:

I’d like if you could elaborate on what you meant by not preferring that style. Is it in the technical execution or the vision all together?

David Johnson says:

Beautifully shot, thx for sharing Chase.

Rockwell says:

I hate to see this video, one should respect food. See below video where you will see kids do not have food to eat. No fun while wasting Food.


Pitboy says:

I understand your point, but just how do you expect to get that breakfast to Africa? How many things do you do in the routine of your day Rockwell that supports the division between the 1st world and the 3rd world? Do you own a car? Drink Coffee? Shop at a store? Use electricity? Stay at hotels, Eat breakfast, Vote? Pro-create? Just by living in the west and supporting the system here, you are in actuality, increasing the divide and adding to the number of the starving in the 3rd world. Don’t judge this if you are part of the problem.
This is about art. Far more wasteful things are done in the name of pursuits that have nothing to do with creativity.

Dave j says:

Agree with Rockwell. There should be some limit to art and creativity. At least not with Food.

Kevin says:

Where is third world Pitboy? Rediculas to see your division.

nickel says:


Mari says:

That was fun and refreshing. Special thanks for HD quality – large display makes it even more enjoyable!

Dimi says:

Very nice, thanks!!

AJ says:

Amazing video, even better idea.

Chris says:

Pretty awesome video.

Luca Brajato says:

That’s stunning, thanks for sharing Chase!

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