Enjoy Your [Demolished] Breakfast at 1000fps

I’m never one to drop a heavy post on you headed into the weekend. So this one is light. So light in fact that it floats in the air like your morning toast and coffee and orange juice you’re about to eat. You may have caught this a couple weeks ago, but I was too buried to share it. So here ’tis. Consider this while you’re grabbing brunch over the next two days. The above is the behind-the-scenes. After the jump is the final piece.

[Side note: one thing I like about this is that it’s not that difficult, but the result is lovely. There is no brain surgery happening here, no mysterious lighting, no crazy hardcore effects. Relatively speaking, this is about as straight forward as it gets with a high speed camera and a commercial. Good concept. I can’t say that I always prefer this style, but it’s a reminder that often times simple concept, good execution makes good stuff. ]

Finished vid after the jump…

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

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