Party this Wed June 8 in NYC – You’re Invited [#Dasein]

REMINDER: Saying you want to go in the comments isn’t a ticket to the event – you must RSVP online at the link in the post. Thx!

Calling all NYC/tri-state friends – It’s been a while since we got together in person, so let’s do it.

We’re more than halfway through the collaborative Dasein: Invitation to Hang gallery installation here in NYC (have you contributed yet?) and it’s been such a dramatic success that our friends here at the ACE Hotel, the cultural ambassadors FlavorPill & the lovely folks Tumblr are throwing us–you and me–a little party. Another chasejarvis SOCIAL. As such, let’s have a drink this Wednesday, June 8th at 7pm at the Ace Hotel (29th at Broadway – ***rsvp required below).

We’ll have on display at the party an electronic slide show of all the images that have been “hanging” in the installation, plus we’re working on landing a surprise musical guest. I’ll give a little welcome address, a toast, and then we’ll be free to mingle with other like-minded creative types, and let the evening deteriorate into some good old fashioned socializing.

Here’s the deets:
WHO: You and me, like minded creative people.
WHAT: Chase Jarvis SOCIAL. Meet other creative people. Celebrate #Dasein. Bring the innernets into the flesh.
WHEN: Wednesday, June 8th. 7pm till later.
WHERE: The fabulous ACE HOTEL (downstairs in Liberty Hall). On 29th at Broadway NYC.

***IMPORTANT: Anyone 21 or older is welcome, but SPACE IS LIMITED. The only requirement is that you must RSVP here. Confirmations will be sent back to you via email and guests will be admitted on a first come/first served basis. So coming early is advised.

Follow me @chasejarvis on twitter for any updates on this. @TheAceHotel twitter feed is worthy of your follow too.

craig b says:

Are we allowed to bring a guest with us or do they have to rsvp seperate?

Hi Dear,
my name is Yann Geoffrey and i will love to be a part of you show on the 6/8/11, email me at anytimes thanks.
Sincerely, Yann

DanielKPhoto says:

Too bad I don’t live around NYC (I live in the Netherlands…) :( And I’m not 21 either… But if all this wasn’t the case I would be joining for sure…

fas says:

Awesome Chase. These parties sound so exciting.

Andy says:

The airfare from South Africa is almost worth it. But no, rain-check this one, sorry!

bimal nair says:

thats a big favor you are doing Chase! Its not common and its not everyday that ace stars like you invite people from all around to meet up and socialize. Its impossible for me to be there (to come all the way from India), but highly appreciate your openness. You rock Chase! have a great Wednesday :)
Cheers to all lucky ones who would make it there!

Mike says:

Aww man. I RSVP’d and got an email that said I’m on a waiting list! Not sure that I can make the trip if getting in is uncertain, but I still appreciate the open invitation Chase.

Mike says:

Any info on the waiting list? I wanted to see if I could get some buddies to go, and once I heard back from them I guess it was too late.

Nitin Pai says:

Hi Chase – Would love to attend and meet you in person.

Julian Love says:

Hi Chase – I’m in NYC this week and would love to come by to the ACE on Weds. It’s been a while since Dubai and would be great to see you and the gang. Ill bring my friend Masa whose just completed her MFA in Photography at RIT if thats OK. Julian.

I’m down. Would be great to see the crew there again. will probably stroll in a bit late… what time is “til later” ?

Erik Endress says:

I would like to attend. Just spent the day shooting in NYC.

Chase count me and my assistant, Glen Cabusora, in as we would love to come, thanks.

Looking forward to meeting you Chase and all the other creative minds – thanks for the open invite!

Andre Knudsen says:

Looking forward to a cold one at the Ace Hotel :)

Lori says:

I wish I could break free for the social, but alas I cannot leave the babes behind. If you are in Seatown in the next month and want to go hit some beautiful whitewater in Leavenworth, message me and I’ll tell you the what, where, how’s. I would love to take you guys down the river. Bring a waterproof camera ;-)

Ryan says:

Got to check it out opening night, count me in for Wednesday as well. Can’t wait to see all the new images.

SO wish I was in the US for this! :c( Oh well. Enjoy, you like-minded-creative-people-lucky-to-be-in-NYC! :c)

Thomas Campos says:

My wife and I would love to attend.

Abhi says:

Ace Chase…..Do count me in!

Rachel Tatem says:

I would love to come, sounds like a blast but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. Thanks a lot for the open invite

Ted Cavanaugh says:

It was awesome meeting you today Chase. I’ll see you wednesday.

Ted Cavanaugh says:

+1 for my girlfriend Chelsea

Chase and Ace:

I’d like to attend. Coming all the way from New Jersey…


mike says:

Even if it took me ten hours to get there from work (instead of the usual ten minutes), I’d find a way. Count me in.

if everything goes to plan i’l be in NYC this wednesday at 15:20 from Holland would love to see you (and friends) in person.

flight is on a if place available with a friend of mine at klm but i’ll be dammed to show up!

cheers from Holland!

David says:

Looking forward to meeting you Chase and hanging out with all the creative minds on Wed!

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