Priceless Celebrity Mugshots. Are These Portraits?

Frank Sinatra 1938

Round here we celebrate photographs. While they sometimes tell stories of love and laughter, they also sometimes tell stories of sadness, horror, or otherwise unsavory-ness. These mugshots of some of the most famous rock stars the world has ever known fall somewhere in between. Check out the confluence of stoicism, ego, and genius in this shot of Frank Sinatra (other greats from Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious, David Bowie, Axl Rose and a dozen others after the jump…]

These images clearly have cultural value. Are these portraits? Where does the mugshot fit along this spectrum?

Jimi Hendrix 1969

Elvis Presley

Jim Morrison

Sid Vicious

David Bowie 1976

Axl Rose

So I ask you again. Are these portraits?

[and if, like me, you can’t get enough of these, head on over to HowToBeARetronaut to see Janis Joplin, Bill Gates, Jane Fonda, Kurt Cobain, Dennis Hopper, Woody Harrelson, and about a dozen others. Thanks FlavorPill for the tip.]

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