Now I’m Calling You Out, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Ok, so this came to my inbox 100% outta left field. But I love it. We’ve never met in person, but it seems that multi-platinum, grammy-award-winning, big-butt-loving Sir Mix-A-Lot just called me out.

Alrighty, Sir Mix, you want back in the door? You got it. Here’s how: you come to my studio in Seattle and be my guest on chasejarvisLIVE on Wednesday July 6th at 10am. Lord knows that our live, worldwide audience (and yours truly) would love to meet you and could learn a thing or two. We’ll talk shop, have some laughs, we’ll do a quick photoshoot live on the air, and/or you can drop a rhyme or spin a set for us on the 1’s and 2’s.

And you can tell us all a little more about your new Facebook game. [Apparently the Seattle Post Intelligencer likes it.]

Got what it takes Mix? Let’s do this….

[Oh, and btw, I’d seriously like a ride in your Lamborghini.]

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