Polaroid Lovers Unite: How The Impossible Project Film is Made

Y’all are well aware of my relationship and long-time love affair with Polaroid. Well, back when the film went out of manufacturing, a now-friend of mine Dr. Florian Kaps took on a project that some called impossible–the resurrection of the old-style instant films. He bought up the last Polaroid film factory in the Netherlands and has succeeded in bringing back instant film from a near death.

This video–looks to be a TV short or something…dry at the start but picks up steam–is a cool way of seeing how this rather complicate stuff is made. Geeky cool, that is. I plan on taking a tour of the factory this summer.

Named after his doubters, The Impossible Project, now makes all sorts of color and B&W films, available at your local pro camera store or direct from their site here. I shoot a ton of this stuff. Try em all, but def check out the black-bordered B&W UV+ stuff that I reference in this video. It’s cool shiz – there’s a quickly scanned frame of mine after the jump.

Snagged this shot of the...ahem...photo booth in the lobby of the ACE Hotel NYC.

(via boingboing)

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