How To Build a Cyclorama Wall With [Mostly Naked] Ashley

Looking for a weekend project for your photo studio? Alrighty then.

Thoroughly amused at the approach taken here in this vid by folks at EyeHandy, having mostly naked model Ashley showing us how to make a cyc wall. Funny though, if you can get past the scantily clad builder using power tools (not sure why you’d want to do that…but….), the truth is that the actual info here on how to build a cyc is really well done.

Lot’s of people have asked if we have a cyc in either of our joints and truth is we do not. I’m only shooting in studio 10% of the time, so having that space be transformative (ie. not committed to a cyc) is preferred for us. If you ARE in the studio a lot, then…ahem…perhaps hire Ashley. Says at the end of the video that the cost is $1250. For the materials.

Happy weekend.

[via Udi at DIYPhotography]

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