Is Photography Over?

Another post in a continuing discussion (joining this post last week) about the future of photography.

Is photography over? Of course not. But a provocative title none the less (appropriated from SFMOMA) suggesting we think more deeply about what photography was, what it now is, and where it’s going. This video here is part 1 of 3 from a great symposium back in April 2010 sponsored by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art featuring Photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Peter Galassi (MOMA), Vince Aletti (New Yorker), Jennifer Blessing (Guggenheim) and others. Interesting, insightful and evocative IMHO.

If you like this, parts 2 and 3 are avail here via I Heart Photography. More video, plus transcripts avail on the SFMOMA site here.

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