Live Photoshoot and Q&A with Sir Mix-A-Lot on chasejarvis LIVE [Wed July 6]

If you’re just tuning in now, this LIVE broadcast is TODAY, JULY 6th at 10am Seattle time, 1pm NYC time, 6pm London, and you gotta do the rest of the math from there. Tune into now!
In case you missed my getting called out by legendary multi-platinum, grammy winning Sir Mix-A-Lot, I responded here, called him to the chasejarvisLIVE mat…and he has obliged, and agreed to come on the show. So it gives me great pleasure to invite you to join us along with a worldwide, LIVE audience on Wednesday July 6 at 10am Seattle time (that’s 1 pm NYC time or GMT -8).

What’s in store, you ask ?

LIVE Q&A: we’re taking your questions live via Twitter @chasejarvis, hashtag #cjLIVE about anything and everything. His big butt loving, his exotic car collection (we’ll take a ride in his Lamborghini), his new Facebook game, and perhaps most importantly how similar the evolution of the music industry has been to the evolution of the photography industry. Challenge, overcome. Invention, reinvention, marketing, message-crafting and beyond. We’ll also do a worldwide debut of his new forthcoming single.

The LIVE photoshoot. I’ll be shooting Sir Mix-A-Lot’s forthcoming album cover LIVE with your participation. You’ll choose his wardrobe LIVE via twitter, and we’ll take your input on the dramatic lighting. You’ll see a pimped out Mix, and of course there will be a scantily-clad Burlesque dancer troop to supply some butts, entertainment and more.

Who: You, Me, & a worldwide gathering of creative people
What: Q&A and LIVE photoshoot with multi-platinum, grammy winning rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot
When: Wednesday, July 6th at 10:00am Seattle time (that’s 1 pm NYC time or GMT -8)
Where: just tune in to It’s free and anyone can watch.

Looking forward to taking your questions via twitter, getting your input on the LIVE shoot, showing you a few lighting tricks, and having a good time.

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