Photo Of The Day: Eat the Street, NYC

Eat the Street, NYC. May 2011

Captured this on the streets of NYC during Dasein artist in residency last May.

[BTW, I’ll be showing a lot of new work in this manner over the coming weeks and months. Voicing your opinions on this or any image in the future is welcomed. Thanks.]

Nathan Mills says:

any chance in the future you can post the photos information – film/digital etc

Nathan Mills

Andy Beck says:

Wow! A powerful portrait. Great work.

Love it. Hasselblad?

Anthony says:

I like it quite a bit – very engaging.

I would *love* to know how you got that pose and expression out of him. Was that his natural reaction to you pointing the camera at him? Or did you prompt him somehow? (“Shoot me back!”)

Chase says:

unprompted. i asked him if I could take his photo. he posed for the camera just like this….

JasonSMoore says:

This is why I don’t ask Too often, whatever I find interesting about someone on the streets of NYC invariably evolves to them showing off for the camera, throwing signs, or some shit. But I guess this isn’t altogether unexpected from a dude wearing an “eat the street” shirt.

joe i. says:

Contrarian here. It’s OK, but not great. It’s got some edge to it, but mostly limited to initial cool factor. For me, no reason to come back and linger over the image. Could be more interesting as part of a series–I want more context or storyline to go along.

fas says:

Awesome photo, what mode has been it taken?

Dude is mental ninja-ing me through my computer…

Matthew says:

I like this photo because it seems candid and i feel as if there could be a story behind it. true street photography.

Andy says:

I like this one, really intense presence and connection. It really caught my attention…great street portrait imo…

hs says:

Brings to mind this famous shot by this famous photographer, from Back In The Day — the inimitable WILLIAM KLEIN:

This screams classic NYC photography. I’m gonna go listen to some Beastie Boys.

Martin James says:

I woulda needed to change my undies after that shot Chase. Intense

Sergiu says:

Yes!bring on some more street stuff!

Ollie Gapper says:

Very Klein. I like it, the cleanliness sof the image juxtaposes the subject and feel nicely

Edward Artiste says:

Spectacularly regular.

cmon Chase, go harder – we know you have it in you :p

Cooper Ray says:

Yes! Calexico Cart!

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