Deconstruct This Photo 5.0 – Tell Me How It Was Done

I still deconstruct the work of other photographers all the time – it’s a great way to expand skill sets and understanding. And I know from your previous feedback that you guys are fond of these posts, so let’s dig into another one.

I was asked to photograph the amazing and controversial Prince Manvendra of India last month in NYC. It was an honor. But tell me…

How did I make this picture?
Is it a snapshot?
If so, how?
The camera Settings?
The direction?
Post production?
Whatever details you think were needed to make this image.

We’ve done this lots before, but I thought this particular image would be a good one to dig into for a couple reasons. I’ll reveal how it was made in a followup post and give a signed book or something to one person who nails it in the comments below.

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