Never Let Them Define Who You Are

“Sometimes in our industry, our professionalism, we get [put into] silos…it should be all of our goals to break out of those silos. The more you work, the more people want to put you in a silo so they can define who you are by their terms. Our job is to never let anyone define who we are…”

John Jay–W+K’s Global Executive Creative Director–on creativity and breaking out of silos. There’s a lot to learn from these 2 minutes.

The above video, plus stills for a Fast Company assignment shot by Matthew Furman. Check him out here.]

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Din says:

Thank you, inspiring.

Really liking that music.
Reminds me of the Shawshank Redemption :)


Just got my mind blow all over the goddamn room!! This was great =]

So true – good post as always

Gary Meyer says:

I’m sharing this with my friends at school. We are in the College of Design at NC State University studying everything from Graphic Design to Architecture to Industrial Design (my major). This video is an excellent message to everyone in a creative profession. Thanks for the excellent content.

Great video. is very deep and intense.

Chirag says:

Very well said. Thanks for sharing, Chase!

fas says:

Wonderful video. Makes me wanna get creative, but is it possible :p

WL says:

@AJ “This is natural coming from a person of Asian origin…”

What does that mean? Are you saying that people of Asian origin shouldn’t be defined as people of Asian origin?

Laurent Egli says:

Great insight, thanks. Here is an idea, how about to make a video database where every photographer would submit his strongest advice on photography business in 15 seconds or so. It would make a great edit of all these advice cramped up in a few minutes or accessible one by one. What do you think?

Great video, thanks for sharing Chase! This is one of the reasons why I love traveling so much – you get to see different cultures, talk to random people, and explore.

Barbara Bell says:

Great advice to get out into a culture that is not yours – to hang out with people you normally wouldn’t. It feels so uncomfortable that we are forced to adapt. What happens as a result is often inspiring.

Eduardo Tejeda says:


Getting out of your comfort zone is kind of a truism but I really liked the idea of getting out of your cultural comfort zone. That makes a whole lot of sense.

Anonymous says:

Kunst ieder ziet er zijn dimensie in

So true…I’m sharing this link

Erin Wilson says:

Hell yeah!

CallumW says:

Doesn’t play on mobile :(

What’s the URL?


Chase says:

Callum – if I’m not mistaken you seem to occasionally pine at not being able to watch stuff on mobile – yet this is freakin YouTube, broseph. Can you help us out by sharing mobile device doesn’t play that? thanks!

Hey Chase.
First time I’ve said it bud :)
It’s a Win7 phone. It plays Youtube vids, but not always.

Haven’t yet figured why it doesn’t play them all the time, but I suspect it’s when they’re embedded into a webpage in a certain way.

If I have a link then I can watch it directly from the YT pages

Hope that helps

CallumW says:

Wee update.
I recently updated my phone OS to 7.1 (mango) and the embedded videos now play :)


AJ says:

This is natural coming from a person of Asian origin. I would like to see more Western artist also think this way.

Alex Maragos says:

Very important words Chase, very important. Great post.

jacob says:

The truth it’s hard to find people you think about soul in industry…..but that’s a good thing for the professionals.

jacob says:

it’s who think about soul

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