Photoshop of Horrors: Vogue Mag Forgets Body Parts, Do You Care?

Happy Friday. Over at Vogue magazine, it seems the retouching crew was a little remiss with Mario Testino’s shot of Kate Moss and her daughter Lila –seems they…er…left off a few of her daughters fingers. Or worse, that her daughters fingers actually fused into her mom’s back.

So, we all know Photoshop happens. They’re in there taking out zits and making people skinnier than they really are, and taking out wrinkles and on and on. Yes, yes, we all “know” this. But is “oops, I just left off a few body parts” excusable? I don’t know where I stand on this. It’s a beautiful shot, but the sophomoric blunder isn’t lost on me.

Do YOU even care, or is it just expected that there will be some mistakes and faux pas along the way, so we should just get on with it anyway….?

(faux pas via Jezebel)

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