Aleta says:

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Eric says:

Did I miss a posting of Chase’s favorites?

Damion Scheller says:

I’ve seen Mr. Bush’s work. Great stuff. It’s inspired me.

While I was in Sauble Beach, ON, Canada a few weeks back. -

Chase says:

thanks for all the amazing submissions – we’re going thru them and will highlight a couple in the next few days!


Trevor Dean says:

Hey Chase,

sorry bout not getting to this until now! Been crazy busy around these parts, but I had this one in mind when I first saw the post. It was shot a week before you posted the blog, but I did process it specifically for this assignment. thanks!

Took this image Yesterday at the Boneville Salt Flats for Speed Week.

I didn’t have any time to go out this weekend to shoot on the streets, but as I was sifting through the archives I came upon this shot from last year.


Greg Mionske says:

Stuck in miserably slow traffic outside of Chicago, IL :

Sam Willard says:

I took a few photos yesterday evening while driving home across the San Francisco Bay Bridge:

Cute–Van load of kids watching the view from bridge:

Not Cute–Driver with both hands off the wheel talking on cell phone (and apparently not watching the road). Boyfriend focused on the dude on the other car taking a photo:

i’ll be doing mine today, i was away for the weekend on a photoshoot. But im down to do it.

Frazer Spowart says:

Late to the party, but check out image 9!

This is too funny I look at your blog all the time but Ive been doing some traveling at the moment. When i saw this post it reminded me of a photo that i just took about a week ago. I really hope that everyone likes this photo :).

Christina says:

I love it!!!! the sign, the car, & the lady… what more could you ask for : )
Always be true to who you are.

Pete says:

This was fun!

Christina says:

This is AWESOME!!!! Great job : )
Always be true to who you are.

Sean D. says:

Thanks for the challenge! I like that this guy spotted my camera rig (tripod on the passenger seat with a remote trigger) and then proceeded to pose a bit.

great work everyone! Fun to see what people created.

Vinnie Macaroni says:

A lot of interesting photos here! I’ll give it a shot (nothing to lose right?) *crossing fingers*

Angela says:

My boyfriend and I are traveling cross country and I have also been worried about releases. When I use a lensbaby it creates anonymity so I don’t have to worry about that. Also, people in parade’s can’t care right?

And this one is of my dog the passenger while my bf maneuvers the rv around a parking lot.

Love your blog!

Christina says:

Thanks Chase for the homework I enjoyed it : )
Always be true to who you are.
Loveyaalot’s Christina

William Mazdra says:

A bit of different take.. standing off and doling a selfie.. “shift and tilt”

William Mazdra says:

A bit of different take.. standing off and doling a selfie.. “shift and tilt”

Ziv says:

Thanks for the weekend shove out the door. I’ve needed a good excuse to get my ass out of the house. A project like this really needs to be long term so you have the opportunity to capture the stop-light booger pickers and road tripping fellatists. None on my watch…
Here’s a small gallery of my “drive-by” images. See the last image for my back seat drive-by rig.

Reid E says:

I put together a similar project 2 years ago called “In Direction” Check it out!!

Glenn says:

This may not technically meet the assignment, but my friend and photographer John Langford chucked everything 1 year ago and began traveling the world. He has written some amazing stories in his blog. The link is to blog entry to his picture of Cambodians on their main form of transportation, the bicycle.

Ralph T says:

In Finland, a couple of years ago. A Messerschmidt car.

CraigD says:

I went for a shot while shooting from the front seat, back into the back seat.

Christina says:

LOL… great idea!
Always be true to who you are.

Laurie says:

Just gotta love a fireman driving his fire truck.

Took this on the way to a fair

I’m not able to get out this weekend but here is one from a week or two ago when I was driving around south east of england working….It’s not of a person driving a’s a poodle…or is it?

Tom says:

Thanks for the suggestion! New to photography, so can always use a project to get me out shooting.

I chose to shoot from the side of the road and in locations where the drivers might be dealing with a “situation”: (1) the steepness of Queen Anne Ave,, (2) the pedestrian congestion of Pike Place Market, and (3) the distractions of Greenlake. I was surprised how hard this was. Not so surprised by how many shots got away!

My two favorites:

Brick Road:


The rest of the handful that were interesting enough to keep:

Matnic says:

I love your “brick road”. It’s a clear shot of two faces and the bricks bring interest to what would otherwise be a large mass of over-exposed car body. I think that’s why Andrew Bush used flash, so he could expose for the outside of the car and the flash would fill in the darker interior. You found an interesting way to overcome the exposure problem without the flash.

Christina says:

Ya I agree that is brilliant : )
Always be true to who you are.

What’s up Chase?!

Christina says:

That’s cool!!!
Always be true to who you are.

Ramblin Lamb says:

We took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island Friday morning. We were on the front row of the ferry with a grand view of this:

Great idea – I might have to drive somewhere where the passing traffic isn’t just tractors and sheep though! (although that would make for a very different project…)

Jan-Hendrik Hanschke says:

Hey Chase,

great assignment! Two old pictures that might match: and


Christina says:

I love your pictures!…the second one is my favorite : )
Always be true to who you are.
Loveyaalot’s Christina

fas says:

That is a very nice idea of a photo. I would love to get clicked too.

Same thing only different?

A project I’ve been working on for some time.
Instead of people in their cars it is people on the sidewalks of Los Angeles as seen from my car driving by.
Towards the end I have thrown in people in various states of transport for you.

some at night

Christian Held says:

Lovely. I’ll be shooting some driveby’s tomorrow of people wearing helmets and going round in circles. Mr Jarvis, does that count!?

I’ll give it a shot

OK, I kinda cheated here, the photo is 2 years old! Forgotten on a hard-drive until this post.


Andy Beck says:

What a great idea for a project. I guess one has to be careful where he/she takes pictures like this. There may be a possibility that some might object to random shots being taken of them, especially when they are tense from road rage.

Leith says:

Here’s 20000 laced together as a time-lapse.
Please check out this video on vimeo

Todd says:

Yeah, just don’t get shot. Sometimes there’s stranger danger. Random people be packin’ heat, son!!!! PEW PEW!

Jayme says:

Here are a couple of mine! The look of the lady in the passenger seat cracks me up. They saw me, and tried to showboat around a turn. Ended up with the back end cutting loose and the driver was so serious as he regained control. Right after this, all I heard was wild laughter. My desk for the day.

Deathtowatermarks says:

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m thinking it be nicer to see your images without 30% of their surface area being covered in watermarks….

Travis says:

But what if someone wants to steal one of the three (THREE!!!) generously unmarked corners?

Jayme says:

It’s set up to automatically apply the watermark and sometimes I forget about it. I have had people go so far as to clone out the logo in photoshop and post my photos to their own site. I guess I just got burned too many times. Sorry about the watermark.

Tyson says:

A Photo Teacher: my favorite thus far… such a great shot.

Thanks. Made it going 65 – 70 mph and steering with my legs to keep the car straight. Wish I had the picture the passenger made with her little point & shoot and the flash being tripped simultaneously.

Norm says:

This would definitely be fun

Obadiah Lee says:

awesome, this sounds fun… i love driving AND shooting…

Tyson says:

this has actually become a bit of a habit for me in the last few years…

I’ll likely fire some off while I’m out and about later tonight.

Oregon passed a law banning hand-held use of cell phones while driving. Here’s my solution:

Chase Jarvis says:

@petespringer – couldn’t resist – just tweeted your shot ;)

inga says:

i love it!! original!!!

Christina says:

This is awesome!
Always be true to who you are.
Loveyaalot’s Christina

Phillipe says:

Do they have to be photos taken just for this or can they be older shots? This is from last year in Savannah Ga.

Chase Jarvis says:

@Phillipe: take whatever photos you want for sure (and good on ya for shooting lots), but the ones i’m looking to receive for this challenge are portraits of the PEOPLE, not the cars.

super classic you i am down for this for sure.

the woman in the pink car is from my town of malibu she is so great. pretty much famous, everyone calls her barbie
thats going to be a hard one to beat for sure

Howard says:

In publishing his book, did Andrew have any concerns with copyright or model release issues?

Jeff says:

Good question Howard!

Will says:

Great idea! I’ll be on the lookout and report back

Dan says:

This sounds like fun! I’ll try and send a mexican version as I am currently based in Mexico City…Cheers!

Amy says:

Challenge accepted! If only I’d had a camera/not been driving this morning when i saw s woman devouring a sandwich mid lefthand turn. Hopefully some better representations of Minneapolis are driving this weekend.

Gettle says:

driving kids to college next week through middle america with camera in hand. i’ll take pics while the wife drives.

Hugo says:

No releases necessary??

Julio says:

I’m wondering about this, too.

It also doesn’t help that I’m a bit shy approaching people to take their picture.

But overall, sounds like great fun!

Henry Lingat says:

Cool Idea I’m in! BTW – the pink corvette pic is of a LA icon – the famous Angelyne…she drove around town in her pink car and had billboards of herself all around town

Christina says:

Well, I’m in : )
Loveyaalot’s Christina

Gary Meyer says:

Dang. Had this been posted yesterday morning I could have done six hours of shooting on my way back from family vacation…. I’ll see what I can do at home though… :D

Scott in AZ says:

Haha! This sounds great! :)

Bluestill says:

This could be fun. Too much fun. LOL

Christina says:

Ya I agree can’t wait to get started!

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