Order to Chaos — My Favorite 60 Photos of 21,000 From A Single Night

I’ve shared the whole lot of these before in video format, but today it gives me great pleasure to present my favorite 60 or so images– edited down from a body of work called “Life of the Party” containing more than 21,000 images captured in a single 5 hour evening. Yes you read that correctly…(via an out-of-control set up at our last studio anniversary party).

Click here for my favorite results.

[***UPDATE: BTW, a lot of people have asked how we edit huge volumes of work like this down to our favs. So to learn how we do it (works for any level photograher), check out our infamous post: Photo Editing 101 .]

Party pics or cultural ethnography?…I’m not the judge. I’m just presenting the priceless facts that I’ve come to love. Most of all, Happy Friday – perhaps share with a friend who is stuck in a cubicle.

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