Order to Chaos — My Favorite 60 Photos of 21,000 From A Single Night

I’ve shared the whole lot of these before in video format, but today it gives me great pleasure to present my favorite 60 or so images– edited down from a body of work called “Life of the Party” containing more than 21,000 images captured in a single 5 hour evening. Yes you read that correctly…(via an out-of-control set up at our last studio anniversary party).

Click here for my favorite results.

[***UPDATE: BTW, a lot of people have asked how we edit huge volumes of work like this down to our favs. So to learn how we do it (works for any level photograher), check out our infamous post: Photo Editing 101 .]

Party pics or cultural ethnography?…I’m not the judge. I’m just presenting the priceless facts that I’ve come to love. Most of all, Happy Friday – perhaps share with a friend who is stuck in a cubicle.

Phil Stefans says:

I agree with Dave C ^

dave c says:

I love that bum! Best bum of 2011!

dave c says:

I just love that Bum! Hotest Bum of the year!

DanielKphoto says:

I think the video is a little bit long so I kinda scrubbed through it.. But I think the images you have selected are very nice :)

jeremy says:

I love ya to death broham, your work is beyond amazing and the things you do serve as a constant inspiration to me in ways I can’t even begin to thank you for.


the only thing that differentiates these photos from the drunk college party photos that get plastered all over facebook on a daily basis is

1) the quality of the camera is better
2)these people are far to old to be jumping around like drunken ninjas showing their asses and pulling their pants off.

Now granted, if I posted photos like this on my website….well, i would never work in this town again, thats NH for you. Maybe bigger clients want to work with wacky edgy photographers, so more power to you. But in my world, this would lose me clients.

I love ya man, but trying to suggest that these photos have some sort of higher value than just really nicely shot drunken party photos is well….a little much.



David G. says:

Hope you had some camera protection as I notice the background got ripped down!

nikky says:

That’s a party I’d love to crash. I’d even bring Rice Krispie Squares.

Life of the Party!

Otto Rascon says:

Wow, I love that Rick Steves was at your party. I have soooo much more love for that man! Great pics, and thanks for sharing!

richard segi says:

Love your work, looks like you guys had an awesome party lucky bastards lol…..

SCejka says:

Was that RICK F*#@N STEVES??!!! Party Animal!

randell says:

rick steves rules!

Claudia says:

Such a cool concept. Can’t get enough of these fun shots!

Dave says:

Looks like you know how to throw a party

fas says:

Which battery do u use?

Jules says:

Love that my friends are in one of them. Especially since one of them is wearing my Holga as a headdress.

Eric Calabros says:

poor that shutter

Jjnj says:

Wish I could find the images but every link just leads back to the mobil home page. I’m using an iPad.

Nedim says:

Eheh “Out-of-control” anniversary party… Love the concept.
Nice shots love the atmosphere.

i’m just curious how you take that many photos in one night? if you snapped them all, you weren’t mingling as much as you should’ve! but it seems like you always have a great with your events. hopefully i can attend one of these days!

Mike Folden says:

Damn I wish I could have been at that party! The Seattle 100 party didn’t seem to get quite as out of control!

Dude, how do I score an invite to one of your parties? :-)
Love the pics!

Alex says:

F*ck. Good party.

Olicier says:

nice .. euuhhh … back?!? :-)

David T says:

I was hoping for a followup to the “Annie Leibovitz Shoots…um…Sears…with um…the “Kardashian Clan”?” post…

miltownkid says:

Looks like a really good time was had at the event! :D 21,000?!? Someone picked like… their favorite 500 and you went through those right?! lol

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