What I Learned From An Experiment in Creative Living

You have certainly heard this from me before, but the more I think about it, study it, and live it, the more I can say definitively that the photographic snapshot has quietly emerged as one of our culture’s–if not the world’s–most unsung creative heroes. (Here’s some deeper explanation.)

This little film is an exploration and summary of some thoughts and personal experiences, having just recently carved out a month to live with the snapshot top of mind via the Dasein: Invitation to Hang installation during my month-long artist in residency at the Ace Hotel NYC.

While this story is quite a personal one, I hope it carries a collective meaning back to you and your life. For the film’s simple aim is to make a case that a more creative life–through whatever mechanism you can use to break your life out of routine and for however much time you can allot–is one more worth living.

Thanks and love.

[much gratitude to my entire crew, especially erik hecht for all the effort on this work]

[UPDATE: if you’re a gear/techie head and want to see how this short film was shot, using what gear/techniques, check out this post here.]

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