Which Photo is Better A or B? [Sir Mix-A-Lot Album Cover]

A while back I had Grammy Award Winner, Sir Mix-A-lot on chasejarvisLIVE. The guy is smart – dropped some pretty serious knowledge on the show [here’s the re-watch if you missed it].

At the end of the show, I shot the cover for his upcoming album, live, online. Here are the results.

The lead one that shows his face is my fav, but there’s plenty of debate, because the other shot is tough and mysterious. I’ll resist the temptation to make any real case for one or the other, and I’ll let this is a straight up survey – which photo do you like better A (top) or B (bottom)? (please answer in the post, not via other social channels so we don’t have to chase your feedback – thx!)

Here is photo A:

Here is photo B:

So which is better??

Thanks for your input.

||And if you missed it: Here’s the chasejarvisLIVE episode with Mix||

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