Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. The Day I Bumped Into Steve Jobs.

I once bumped into Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive walking out the front door at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino.

Almost literally bumped into them. I had my head buried in a text message on my iPhone.

I looked up. Mr. Ive held the door open for me as I passed through on the way in before I really knew what was up. He and Jobs passed through on the way out just behind me. I was mysteriously compelled by something and I snapped a photo of their backs as they walked away since my phone was in my hand.


“Why did I just do that?” I thought to myself embarrassingly, even though no one noticed. “Don’t be such fool, Chase…”

And just then one of his famous one-liners lept into my head.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

And so I will.

Thanks for everything Steve. You made your dent in the universe — and then some. RIP.

***UPdate: I didn’t originally post the image because I didn’t think it was relevant, but so many requests from you have changed my mind. It’s not an image whose quality I’m proud of, but that wasn’t the point. It’s my only shot of Steve. Again, RIP…

[Just stumbled on a great tribute to Jobs over at Kuo Design…101 magazine covers with Steve Jobs. Go to Kuo to see the rest…]

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