Macklemore + Chryde #cjLIVE Re-Watch: Living the Dream + Live Performance

Me and/or my crew have been in Paris, NYC, LA, Seattle, and Salt Lake City in the past 10 days alone. Given that sort of schedule, we don’t always have time/ability to cut together a chasejarvisLIVE re-watch (that’s why you should always watch live), but this was an absolute must. It was an epic show.

Chryde, founder of amazing La Blogotheque/Take Away Shows, was our first guest all the way from Paris. He lays down how exactly he created his dream career uniting filmmaking, music and an unwavering focus.

Then, perhaps the fastest rising hiphop act in the country, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, join us onstage to drop knowledge and answer live questions about staying true to one’s art, the evolution of creativity in a digital age, and more. And of course they follow up all the talk with a fresh-ass LIVE set that is not to be missed.

Lastly, I wanna give a big shoutout to our first in-studio audience – 40 lucky friends & fans dropped in on our “garage” soundstage in Seattle from all corners of the country and abroad, after winning the chance to attend. Incredible energy. Tons of fun. It was amazing to meet all of you. Stay tuned for the next #cjLIVE announcement – I’m banking we’ll be inviting another 40 people to join us in Seattle.

Until the next time, enjoy the re-watch, and if you like what you see, please share it with your friends. And by popular request – if you don’t want to miss the next show, drop your email addy in the box on this page here. Many thanks!

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