How To Photograph Aretha Franklin…and How NOT To Sing To Her

Wanna know how to photograph people/celebrities like Aretha Franklin from the guy who has been shooting her covers for the past 7 years? I do too…

Fashion, beauty, and celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith brings his knowledge, vision, and photo techniques this weekend to for a superdope free 3-day online workshop (update: that is LIVE, here, right now…) where he’ll go thru tutorials on specific photos he’s shot in his career, including recent cover shoots with celebs.

In this casual vid, we get some insightful background on MJS, his amazing career, what he’ll be sharing with the world in his photo workshop, plus a few minutes in, you’ll get a great story of him singing with Aretha and her…um…asking him to stop.

Tune into the creativeLIVE live feed for free. Register here on course detail page if you want updates. And have a great weekend.

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