chasejarvis LIVE [Tues Dec 6]: Your Portfolio Is Your Most Important Asset

UPDATE: if you’re reading this post now…The Portfolio Edition of #cjLIVE with Allegra Wilde is TODAY 11:00 Seattle Time, 2pm NYC, 19:00 London! You can also win a portfolio review from one of the world’s best…

Don’t miss, details below.Please mark your calendar, tell your friends, and join me Tuesday, December 6th [details below] for a mission critical episode of chasejarvis LIVE: The Portfolio Edition. How to choose, create, cultivate the #1 thing that gets you hired.

You know I talk a lot about how getting hired to shoot photos – commercial, editorial, portrait, wedding – all of it, is about the whole package…your work, your personality, your vision, you drive, your business and communication skills, yada yada. BUT I’ve also said it before that without a great portfolio you won’t get hired by anyone. Period. The proven, demonstrated ability to create top notch work and display it in a pleasing way is 100% mission-critical to getting hired. It’s the must-have, bare-minimum before a prospective client even starts looking at anything else.

So then why are we creatives so BAD at choosing and organizing our work? And why are we so BAD at knowing what drives us, what’s a good photo from a bad photo, and what should we be focusing on? Relax – we’re coming to your rescue on the next chasejarvis LIVE with world-renowned creative coach & portfolio reviewer, Allegra Wilde of

WHAT: chasejarvis LIVE: the portfolio edition
: You, me, portfolio guru Allegra Wilde & friends
WHERE: online LIVE at
WHEN: Tuesday, December 6th – 11am Seattle time (2pm NYC, 19:00 London)

Not only will Allegra share her most valuable insights about what it takes to make a great body of work, but she’ll be answering your questions via Twitter @chasejarvis at hashtag #cjLIVE….AND she’ll do some LIVE reviews of some lucky photographers’ portfolios, AND AND she and her partner Doug Dawirs will reveal a LIVE DEMO of their amazing new online portfolio review company call [This project was just revealed to industry insiders at the trade show in NYC in October…] Launching soon, Allegra and the crew will be able to connect you to the best portfolio reviewers in the world, online, for an insanely affordable price. Tune in to learn more.

Walk, drive, fly. Want to be a member of our in-studio audience, meet me, the guests and our crew? We’ve got just a few slots to give away. Send an email right NOW to with cjLIVE in the subject line. We’ll draw some names at random today – winners will be notified via email immediately.

Want more notice about in-studio opportunities and upcoming chasejarvis LIVE shows? Sign up for email notification of all the stuff we’ve got going on this page here.

***Lastly, for a little fun and to pimp this show, we’ll start tomorrow’s show by giving away a signed, one of a kind Polaroid print, plus a special treat to someone who sends out our favorite tweet that contains the URL (or short url) to THIS post,and hastag #cjLIVE. This contest starts right now and ends at the beginning of the show. Enter as many times (tweets) as you want.

This will be reposted or something I miss it…!!! ;-( And I need it like “I will die” need

Serdar SEZEN says:

süpersin çok teşekkürler.

Hey, thanks for answering my question about self portraits on the show! It was packed with great advice I needed to hear.

Ghandy says:

Gonna have a camera and will shine!

michael says:

Would be great if you put Tokyo or Sydney time as well ;-)

Andy says:

Awesome. Looking forward to the Rewatch for those in steam-driven African Internet land. Usually takes about 15h to download the 2h rewatch :) Last time it also meant the missus got to see who this Macklemore guy is I’ve been going on about… :)

Mike Russell says:

Looking forward to it!

Cesar Farias says:

how do you think the our style affects the way our portfolio should be chosen?

AC says:

Well said!

Will there be a rewatch of this one after? 11am in Seattle is 1am in my part of the world and I’d prefer not to do an all-nighter.

Jeremy says:

Looking forward to it!

Ricardo says:

Awesome!! I really want to see this.

joop says:

Any way to submit your portfolio for live review during the show?

Either way, can’t wait for the broadcast!

Philipp says:

Good to know :D Interesting theme. Could be useful ;)

JC Ruiz says:

Sweet. Can’t wait for this!

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