“Blend” of Old Analog & New Instant Digital: The Polaroid Z340

Got a wild hair one day last week and had a BLAST making this little video about the new Polaroid Z340 — a blend of old analog and new digital technologies. Hope you dig it enough to have a laugh, watch it again, and forward to your friends.

Polaroid has never been about specs or crazy high end performance, they’re about fun, instant prints, and kitsch. The Z340 delivers on that – perfect for the holidays and party time.

If you must know…
-14 Megapixels
-640×480 video
-2.5 inch LCD display
-SD card slot
-Zink zero ink prints in under 60-seconds (30 seconds faster than the old analog style…)

Available at here from B&H. Extra Zink paper can be found here. Happy holidays!

[Oh ya, that tune you hear in the background? That freshness is The Blakes. Check them here on iTunes. Aside: Remember I pimp Polaroid on the regular…AND…seriously… Don’t try this blending thing at home. I am a certified stunt man, and this can’t be good for your blender, your cameras, or your safety. Also: stay tuned for the outtakes… ]

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