“Mind Prints” ?! What The Hell Are Those? [A Fresh Book From Frank Meo]

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Picture Monica Lewinsky w a cigar, Hitler in a bunker, the Beatles w their lawyers. It’s all here. Or rather it’s all in your mind… So what does a book look like that is targeted at visual artists and creatives, yet has exactly ZERO pictures and isn’t a how-to? Well, it looks like well-known photo agent Frank Meo’s latest personal project called Mind Prints. A hardback book laden w typography. From the intro:

We all collect images we’ve seen in the course of our days. But there’s even more: how aout all the images we created ourselves, in our minds, mages of things we haven’t actually seen, and of which no photos exist, things that the paparazzimissed; images that we created based on media accounts, water cooler discussions. What if somebody curated those images, strung them up in a gallery show for you to walk through and see, clearly and consciously..?

The book is an amazing series of words, phrases, and ideas pulled from pop culture that will either blow your mind or get it racing. Click thru the 10 or so slides in the gallery above to get a sample – brilliant, simple, evocative.

The book is available here at Frank’s site. And, bonus here for New Yorkers…the Art Director’s Club of NY will be presenting the full collection in their gallery for a 6 week run. The opening is this Thursday, January 19th. RSVP to rsvp@adcglobal.org or go to Frank’s Facebook page (first come first serve) if you’d like to attend.

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