The Freshman Yearbook of Power Nerds, Washington DC Style

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All images by Christopher Leaman

Funny segue from yesterday’s political post… Got to thinking about politics and photography…. Though it seems otherwise at time, politicians aren’t actually celebs. Sure, they get their picture taken at press conferences, but–especially early on in their career–they’re not really used to having a photographer take a portrait of them like a rock star. They’re most often power nerds and people who do a job that’s -either wonderfully or catastrophically- public.

All this is hyper-evident in this series of photos by Washingtonian staff photographer Chris Leaman, assigned to shoot portraits of few from DC’s incoming class.

The range is entertaining–anywhere from delight to terror. The crispness and high contrast harkens a classic image from decades ago. The only indicators that these “un-moment” images were taken within the past decade are accessories, like paper coffee cups.

Click through to see more of my favs from this remarkably-wonderfully-awkward image set via the above tabs.

[Here’s the rest of the set, as well as Leaman’s work on his personal page.]

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