Don’t Quit Your Day Job? No Problem.

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Pam, 46, from Delaware, was raped at the age of eleven, and started using PCP at twelve. The mother of three bi-racial children (the youngest now 25), she was disowned by her “prejudice family.” The husband of her children passed away “far to early,” leaving her with no support. She now walks the streets of Hunts Point, trying to make enough for heroin or crack.


When last in jail, four years for robbery, she wrote a series of twenty-six childrens books, one for each letter of the alphabet. “My dream is to publish the books and be able to use the money to support my paraplegic brother inlaw.”


For her GED graduation wrote a poem on addiction. On a desolate Hunts Point street she stood and proudly recited the entire three minute poem, only punctuated by the rumblings of airplanes leaving Laguardia.

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