Celebrate the Earth: 10 Stunning Photos Of Nature + Humans

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A guide climbs inside the Niah Great Cave at Niah National Park in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on Borneo Island on March 29, 2012. Niah Caves contain the oldest remains of Homo sapiens found in Borneo, and feature the world’s largest limestone cave entrance as well as ancient rock paintings. Studies published recently have shown evidence of the first human activity at the Niah caves from ca. 46,000 to ca. 34,000 years ago. (David Loh/Reuters)

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Mallie says:

Did the Jonathan Ames letter come yet? I signed up in January and that i definitely truly hope I didn’t skip it. Is there a way I can examine it if it did already come?

Sandy says:

Reminds me of your “street lit” debate.

Vicente says:

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Sparkle says:

Relax and no work!

Mac says:

My dream retirement just includes that I’m able bodied enough to enjoy it. I suppose I’d just like to live by water.

Jens says:

It’s so sad how we treat our planet.

The photo that you posted about the view of the southern lights between Antarctica and Australia is simply awesome.

vivan Dsena says:

nothing really to celebrate about the way we abuse our natural resources….pity that I stay in one of the countries that is a major contributor of this madness,…but I did not know china was worse. ..thanks for sharing guys. Gonna use the report in my project..

th0i3 says:

this is insanely awesome!

eddiebaba says:

If this DIGITAL REVOLUTION we’re at the beginning of can accomplish “ONE” thing and show the WORLD through photos how poorly we take care of it, EARTH DAY might someday become the second biggest celebrated day on Earth!

Aiza says:

Beautiful pictures! very beautiful. I am happy that there still beautiful places on Earth. They would look still beautiful if we will help each other to take care of them.

Excellent images! I love it. I specially liked the southern lights. What a wonderful sight to behold.

Wonderful images of a wonderful planet. I have been sharing the beauty of our planet on ExposedPlanet.com for many years, hopefully to inspire people to explore and protect.

RvF says:

Such a beautiful world and such a poor effort, humans do, to keep it as such! I only hope we’re going to wake up one day!

faisal says:

Stunning photo, simply stunning and awesomely shot.

Andrew Jones says:

You know what bothers me about these photographs. They perpetuate the idea that third world countries are the cause of all our environmental problems. Many of the photographs are of Asian developing nations (or caused by Asian developing nations – ie the NZ shipwreck). Easy targets because they are graphic and repulsive photos which just reinforce our perception that China et al is a big bad polluting giant with no regard for the environment. From my experiences in China this is not true. In many ways for a country that size they have a light touch on the environment and are actually trying very hard to improve.

Not to say that China can’t improve but the real environmental tragedy is much more surreptitious and dangerous. First world countries (of which I’m a resident) consumption, energy use etc. The Mum in the SUV the disposable goods which we buy from Chinese manufacturers and then discard. Photographs that show this kind of environmental destruction are much less graphic and much less eye-catching but maybe that is the real story worth telling.

Mike Lorden says:

I believe that someday, someone will take a picture or make a film that will wake us up. I’m trying to raise awareness with my photos. http://www.flickr.com/photos/60773459@N05/sets/72157629520902516/

Arthur says:

Remember people, everthing you buy, everything you consume is bringing this world one step further to an collapsed environment! Use you stuff as long as possible. Copper ,as an example,(like in the picture) isn’t for the “bad industries”, its for your new iphone, tablet and whatever eletronical device you will buy because you don’t like you old one anymore.

Great photos. I’ve been a huge fan of the Big Picture for a long time. I visited Salt Lake city this spring and was stunned by the environmental devastation done to the great salt lake. There were thousands of dead animals on the beaches, much like this photo I took of a bird: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nlongtin/7064512023/in/set-72157629407729358

Erin Wilson says:

If you don’t know Edward Burtynsky ‘s work, particularly his work on the oil industry, don’t miss it.

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