chasejarvisLIVE: Zoë Keating – Artist as Entrepreneur + Mind Blowing Cellist [Re-Watch]

Posted for your enjoyment. If you missed this LIVE show with Zoe Keating (or if you didn’t…!) you’ll want to take a peek.

For one, IMHO it’s some of our most beautiful footage and one of the best sounding of any chasejarvisLIVE to date – we’re getting pretty tight on our capture because we’re having a blast.

For two – and more importantly– in addition to Zoe Keating and her cello making some hauntingly beautiful music (with some 16 tracks at once), the information Zoe shares – about success and failure, fear, going “artist direct” to her fans, and skipping all the peripheral b/s, is genius – both enlightening and inspiring.

Hope you dig. Want to be the first to know about upcoming shows like this? Join “the list” on this page.

zoe cello chase jarvis

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