MCA (Adam Yauch) of the Beastie Boys Dead at 47 — RIP

The Beastie Boys wrangled punk rock and hip hop together like no-one before or since – they were a huge inspiration to me starting way back 1986 – the first concert where I can remember my ears ringing. It was also the first time I started to understand the concept of a remix, of genre collision, of the endless possibilities of invention and reinvention in art. MCA passed on today after a long battle with cancer. Big sorrow in my heart – gone but not forgotten. RIP.

He’d have wanted us all to play Sabotage at volume 11. Video is one of the all time greats. Let’s do this.

Details everywhere – first link I saw was here.

adam youch mca beastie boys photo

chile, I thought I was the only one thinking that..

The Beasties were a huge part of my younger days, thank you and RIP MCA

hqsa says:

nice post . . visit back !

Scott says:

@Joe and DJ – You seem to be shamefully projecting your own callous cynicism there.

Chase was a heartfelt Beastie Boys appreciator from way back – how else could he possibly express his respect at Adam Yauch’s passing? It was just a brief nod to BB’s inspiration on him, with a link to an old fave. Analytics Boosting! What nonsense.

Nathan says:

Our generation grew up listening to the Beastie Boys, so I feel like we lost a brother. Adam has inspired thousands of creatives over the years. RIP Nathaniel Hornblower.

DJ says:

Love your work and knowledge sharing, Chase. But I had a similar reaction to that if Joe’s. Also, while many of the Beastie’s videos were directed by Adam Yauch (aka Nathaniel Hornblower), Sabotage was directed by Spike Jones, so to say it was Yauch’s is a little misleading. .

faisal says:

I did not know him, never heard him but its truly sad. Rest in peace Adam Youch.

Joe says:

Seriously? This is a tribute? More like a disrespectful ploy for link love and analytics boosting. I respect you Chase, but this is bullshit and you know it.

I’m sure the response I’ll get is that I’m an asshole for saying this, but this is how I feel after seeing this and it’s just my opinion. As a lifelong Beastie fan and fellow PJ, I’m just so hurt and sad to see this.

jose says:

Total pioneers for rap. Especially for being a group of “skinny white kids”.

Matt Timmons says:

‎”Let it flow like a mudslide, and when I get on I like to ride and glide, I got depth of perception in my text y’all, I get props at my mention ’cause I vex y’all.”. Rock on MCA.

Laidlaw says:

Ugh, totally depressing. RIP Yauch.

Evelyn says:

RIP,all my thoughts are with the family and friends…..

Solid tribute, Chase. Sabotage at 11 it is. RIP.

Lori says:

I can’t believe I’ve never seen that video. Nice tribute.

NYC_girl says:

The one for “Ch-Check It Out” is damn good too!

Rod Clark says:

Thanks for the tribute Chase. My job is to support artists, and for me it’s the greatest job in the world because artists touch me so deeply. The photos, paintings, and music that I’ve experienced in my lifetime resonates with my emotions and in many ways determine who I am as a person. To lose someone like MCA at such a young age is truly a tragedy. He had so much more to give us all.

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