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Snapshots from Brazil

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Talking with the engineer Jacek

Here are some behind-the-scenes snapshots of my time here in Brazil with Mike Horn. Although we are almost done here, our collaboration with Mike and the Pangaea is just beginning. Much much more to come. Pay attention for our next trip to South Africa in a few weeks. Click through some of the above photos to see what we’ve been up to.

How far can you go in one year?

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Photos courtesy of Mike Horn and the Pangaea Expedition

It has been just over one year since my last encounter with the Pangaea. I met Mike Horn and his crew onboard the Pangaea in Seattle last summer shortly after our adventure in the South China Sea together (the chronicles of that trip are here and here). Now, by example of what can be accomplished in a year, consider for a moment that the Pangaea has traveled up and down both coasts of the USA, picked through the ice of northwest passage, wound their way through the islands of the Caribbean and sailed up the Amazon River before arriving here, not far from the birthplace of the Pangaea in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This distance is equivalent to sailing twice around the globe! Click through some of the photos above for a fast tour.

But what happens onboard and underway on the Pangea is much more than just these traveling these massive stretches of ocean miles. It is the action, education and this crew’s commitment to the idea of changing things on our planet for the better. Before I left on this trip, I posted about commitment and Mike’s example with the Pangaea. Mike’s expedition is educating youth and sending them to the front lines to make an impact on some of the ecological imbalances on our planet. It was this vision and total a commitment to this dream that manifested the Pangaea Expedition.

It was from just near here (in Guaruja grabbing some weak wifi in a canal where we are re-fueling for the Pangaea’s trans-atlantic crossing) 4 years ago in Sao Paulo that Mike created his own shipyard, hired workers from the favelas, purchased and hauled (by his own hand) the aluminum for the hull, and willed his dream of the Pangaea into reality and watched the 95-meter hull first touch the water not far from where I am writing this post.

Now, with 6 months left in the 4-year Pangaea expedition, the miles in the wake of this boat are mind-boggling. She has seen more than 140,000 miles, (10 Atlantic crossings and 2 Pacific crossings), Mike and his crew have educated more than 200 kids in the Young Explorers Program from ages 14-21 years old. These YEPs, as they are called, hail from 96 different countries and 6 continents in every corner of the world. Now, these environmental ambassadors, carry the message of sustainability back to their individual communities with the vivid stories that can only come from experiencing the planet’s most remote places in person. It is a powerful strategy that is working to create real action across the globe.

So after clicking through some of the photos above, ask yourself, What can you accomplish in just one year? The Pangaea is a great example of what is possible. There is no good reason to wait. Start today.

Notes from Brazil: Hanging 60 feet off the deck

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Mike Horn is a giant! Who's that high up in that red circle?

When you’re hanging off the mast of a sailboat 60 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, there is a tendency to ask the question, “Am I supposed to be here?” But it’s good to be asking that question of yourself, wherever you might be.

I know that here onboard the Pangaea, with my friend Mike Horn and his crew, is exactly where Im supposed to be. Here’s a quick photo update from the Brazilian coast. As always, it is an adventure. Mike is truly a one-of-a-kind human who never fails to inspire us with his attitude and vision. Click through some of the above snapshots over the last three days. Stay tuned for more.


If you missed my stories about sailing with Mike Horn in the South China Sea in back October of 2010 are Here and here.

I also did a review from the deck of Pangaea on the mission critical gear I bring on these fast and light projects here

Be Committed to Your Vision

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Mike Horn on the Pangaea at Sea, Strait of Taiwan

Commitment to your vision is important. Just ask my friend Mike Horn. I mentioned in my post yesterday (about imagination inspired by travel photos) that I was scurrying around getting ready for a trip with Mike. I’m running to the airport right now – and needless to say my imagination is also running with the thoughts of spending time with the greatest Explorer of our time on his aluminium hulled 110-foot 4×4 of the sea, the Pangaea. Click through the images above to see the results of my last trip with Mike in the South China Sea.

I settle on the thought of commitment when I think of Mike. Sure he’s passionate, inspired, strong (superhuman even), creative. But its’ Mike’s commitment to his vision that is truly unique. There’s no one else like him on the planet. He has done things in his life that no one else has ever accomplished — this is a man who swam the Amazon, circumnavigated the Artic Circle by human power solo, circumnavigated the Earth solo by human power. First he imagined these things (see yesterday’s post) and then committed 100% to accomplishing them – no matter what it cost in terms of time, money, and physical hardship. In this regard, Mike is truly in a class all his own.

Check out my talk with Mike on chasejarvisLIVE here. Whether your planning your next adventure or dedicating yourself more fully to your craft – we can all take Mike’s example and apply it to what we’re doing. Be committed.

If you missed my stories about sailing with Mike Horn in the South China Sea in October of 2010 are Here and here.

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