Naked Titans: Photographs of World-Class Athletes in the Buff

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Photo: Francesco Carrozzini (Carmelita Jeter, Sprinter USA Track & Field)

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London. Awe-inspiring athletic forms and feats will capture the attention of the world for the next two weeks. Images of Olympic titans will be plentiful and I am looking forward to both the photography and the drama of country-vs-country competition. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many world-class athletes as subjects and the results are always worth the effort. This collection of photos that has been tearing up the internet recently is a stunning example of great athletes and great photos. Here’s range of great shots from great photogs. Martin Schoeller’s photo of paralympic rower Oskana Masters will stop you in your tracks. Click through the tabs above to see some truly spectacular photos of world-class athletes.

To see more photos like take a deep dive in ESPN The Magazine’s feature click here. Kudos there!

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