Time Capsule Photos: Five friends take same snapshot for 30 years

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John Wardlaw, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney, John Malony, John Dickson

30 years ago, a snapshot kicked of a lifelong friendship.

A group of guys inadvertently started a photo tradition by taking a snapshot of themselves as teenagers during a vacation in 1982. For three decades, they have returned to the same spot to take the same portrait every 5 years. They were 19 years old when the first photo was taken. In June of this year, as 48-year-olds, they took the 7th installment of the “Copco Lake” photo. Click through the tabs above to see the sequence.

It’s an extraordinary story with photography at its core. This tradition of creating a “time-capsule” photo has brought these friends back together for the majority of their lives. CCN‘s interview reports: “We plan on doing it or the rest of our lives, no matter what,” says Dickson. “Up until there’s one guy just sitting in the same pose! Even then, maybe someone will take a picture of an empty bench for us.”

The lapse of time between each photo and duration of the project is unique when compared to the constant frequency with which we capture and share our lives in the age of Facebook. The tradition of taking this photo kept these guys coming back to the same physical spot to hang out together for the last 30 years. It’s a refreshing photography project with the theme of friendship at its core.


To read the full story on CNN click here

To see the Lake Copco Tradition website click here

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Margeret says:

Yes. It should work. If it doesn’t send us an email.

Lorretta says:

Reminds me on the “street lit” debate.

Eveline says:

After i retire my dream is to go to Hawaii and live out the rest of my life. We went there on our 25th wedding aniversary and it was fabulous.

DannieEl says:

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After i retire I’d appreciate to move to Hawaii.

Kitster says:

Whos the guy behind the camera?? ;)

Those are awesome. There a lot of little details that they duplicate each year;

– facial expression
– hand placement
– crossed legs
– the jar
– the hat
– the sunglasses

Also note the growing tree in pictures 6 and 7.

Friend #2 goes from blond to gray and back to blond.


bimal says:

such crazy stuff! Awesome! Totally loved the excuse to meet up every 5 years……i’ve lost track of friends i made when i was 19. In fact i dont remember when i was 19…just 12 years later. This is worth every effot to meet up and get the shot done :)

Jon DeVaul says:

Great…I hope to see you all together for another 30!

faisal says:

An awesome idea ;-)

hd says:

They ain’t got nothin’ on Nicholas Nixon’s amazing series about his wife an her sisters, check it:


and google nicholas nixon brown sisters

That’s fantastic and more than a little terrifying. Some of them are almost unrecogniseable!

Jeferson says:


Eduardo says:

What’s with the jar, funny :)

Mike Swiegot says:

This is great!!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Kara says:

This is very cool. What a great idea!

Anonymous says:

I could do this with my girlfriends I have a lot of photos an go back 40 yrs

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