Time Capsule Photos: Five friends take same snapshot for 30 years

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Margeret says:

Yes. It should work. If it doesn’t send us an email.

Lorretta says:

Reminds me on the “street lit” debate.

Eveline says:

After i retire my dream is to go to Hawaii and live out the rest of my life. We went there on our 25th wedding aniversary and it was fabulous.

DannieEl says:

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After i retire I’d appreciate to move to Hawaii.

Kitster says:

Whos the guy behind the camera?? ;)

Those are awesome. There a lot of little details that they duplicate each year;

– facial expression
– hand placement
– crossed legs
– the jar
– the hat
– the sunglasses

Also note the growing tree in pictures 6 and 7.

Friend #2 goes from blond to gray and back to blond.


bimal says:

such crazy stuff! Awesome! Totally loved the excuse to meet up every 5 years……i’ve lost track of friends i made when i was 19. In fact i dont remember when i was 19…just 12 years later. This is worth every effot to meet up and get the shot done :)

Jon DeVaul says:

Great…I hope to see you all together for another 30!

faisal says:

An awesome idea ;-)

hd says:

They ain’t got nothin’ on Nicholas Nixon’s amazing series about his wife an her sisters, check it:


and google nicholas nixon brown sisters

That’s fantastic and more than a little terrifying. Some of them are almost unrecogniseable!

Jeferson says:


Eduardo says:

What’s with the jar, funny :)

Mike Swiegot says:

This is great!!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Kara says:

This is very cool. What a great idea!

Anonymous says:

I could do this with my girlfriends I have a lot of photos an go back 40 yrs

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