Trust Me I’m Lying: Media Manipulator Ryan Holiday on chasejarvis LIVE [re-watch]

UPDATE: it’s not an accident that just this week we heard that Ryan and his book made the Wall Street Journal BestSeller list. Congrats Ryan! If you have not purchased this book or recommended it to those who might dig it, please consider doing so.
We had so much going on during the last few weeks that the superdope Ryan Holiday / Trust Me I’m Lying Episode repost on YouTube has taken us a few weeks to hit the blog. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll learn more and be more inspired by Ryan than from any other over-achieving 24 year old on the planet. For those of you creatives who want to make a mark in your world and want to know how the pros do it, this is a must-watch.

Also, Ryan’s book <strong>”Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator” is on sale now here at Amazon. It’s an incredibly worthy read – you’ll see why it was the “book deal of the week” when it was the announced. Plus, you won’t want to miss his book trailer, below. It’ll justifiably get your attention, even if all my ranting about its brilliance has not. #Respect


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