Win a VIP Trip To Hang with Me In Seattle — LIVE Streaming The Capitol Hill Block Party Music Festival

UPDATE: We have a WINNER! Huge huge thanks to all of you who participated in this quick contest. We had thousands of tweets and threads and trends all over the internet. It gives me great pleasure to announce the winner…drum roll…wait for it…. Amy Rollo (@brookland on Twitter). All told we had people from 94 countries participate. While my pocketbook hasn’t been so lucky in past contests, as I’ve had winners from Hong Kong and India for similar give aways, this time my wallet and the winner’s travel schedule lucked out on the draw. Amy is from the USA. Big ups to the so many of you who tweeted your brains out – I noticed lots of you and have followed many of you back. #Respect to you all for playing.
This is another one of those gigs where I pinch myself – getting to work alongside some of the best indie bands in the world – AND… Here’s a kicker: I want you and a friend to join me for FREE.

I’ll pick up airfare, lodging and VIP tickets for you and one friend (or just you) for the entire 3 day event below…plus time for us to hang out and drink beer together. And it’s NEXT week – PLUS WE’RE LIVE STREAMING THE ENTIRE EVENT. Read on…

The Capitol Hill Block Party is Seattle’s premier mid-summer music festival where more than 100 bands take over Seattle’s hippest neighborhood on 6 stages over three days. (Check out the insane lineup here.) And right now I’m freaking STOKED to announce that we’ll be #cjLIVE streaming the festivities — private performances, artist interviews, and main stage shows — for the entire 3 day event.

Here’s how you can enter to win tickets — airfare, hotel, and VIP tix to the festival — to join us in Seattle. It’s easy.

First, this giveaway couldn’t be possible without the support of my friends at the Block Party (love you guys) and TargetSEA (congrats on new SEA store) who are graciously supporting my ability to share this #cjLIVE internet feed with the world, so you MUST be following BOTH of them–and yours truly–on Twitter here:


Second, tweet this exact tweet below, only be sure to personalize it by inserting a cool word or phrase about music… (ie Music is LIFE, Music is ALL I NEED, etc)

Music is [insert your thought here]! I wanna go to the #CHBP or at least watch it #cjLIVE w @chasejarvis @targetSEA

Lastly, enter (tweet the above) as often as you like with variations on “Music is ____”. Contest runs from right now through Sunday July 15th at noon Seattle Time. And the contest is worldwide. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via Twitter and posted here on my blog on Monday JULY 16.

Who: You, Me, 100 bands, and a worldwide gathering of creative people

What: a LIVE, interactive broadcast of The Capitol Hill Block Party music festival in Seattle

When: This Friday, July 20 – Sunday July 22 (Detailed schedule of all day broadcasts coming soon.)

Where: tune in to It’s free – anyone can watch and we’ll be taking YOUR questions during artist interviews, LIVE via Twitter.

It’s that easy… I’ll be working my butt off for these 3 days–shooting video, stills, and streaming this live music, interviews, performances at what-not. But we’ll also be partying and having the time of our lives. Whether you win the trip to hang with us in Seattle or you are able to tune in live at during the event to watch, interact online and get good music piped right into your home, my hope is that you love what you see and join me in doing what we can, spreading the message and democratizing access to this stuff as best we can with our guts, our will, and technology.

UPDATE: I’m doing a special trivia game via Twitter tonight, so keep your eyes peeled to my twitter feed @chasejarvis and @targetSEA at 6pm SEA time (9pm NYC time)

More updates coming soon – stay tuned. Please enter to win the contest. I’d love to meet you in person. Check out the video below – we’re gonna have a damn good time.

Capitol Hill Block Party Lineup Additions. from Steven Baldwin on Vimeo.

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Chase says:

hey @ john, not to engage you too deeply in your inaccurate yelping, just a heads up that the two most recent winners of international contests I’ve hosted were both people of color from different continents – one from China (Hong Kong), the other from India. So check your facts homie. And from here on out, only say nice things.

John says:

I really hope some asian dude from South East Asia wins it, its like Chase always somehow has Caucasians winning loads of stuff, but never/hardly see people from asia winning (no offense meant but just a thought)

Andy McPhoto says:

Cool promo Chase, and extra thanks for opening it worldwide!

Duly tweeted up the awesomeness music holds, and transferring my wish power from a D800 to this, at least for the weekend!

Wilfredo says:

met you in 2010 at Zack’s first Creativelive after party in your studio….thanks brotha for all you have done and all you continue to do for our industry. peace.

Cheyenne says:

This would actually be a dream come true!! My 3 passions photography, music and travelling. I first came across and was inspired by your work while attending college in 2009 for photography and have been following ever since, thanks for giving everyone such an amazing opportunity like this!

Brian says:

Hey Chase,
if we get selected, can we shoot alongside you too?

Thanks for the awesome opportunity. And I hope I win…. =D
Cheers from Singapore

Anne Kmetyko says:

You rock Chase Jarvis!

tom says:

contest is open worldwide! i wanna kiss ur face!

Jon Page says:

Competitions don’t get much cooler. Good on you, Mr. Jarvis and keep fighting the good fight.

Sadly I won’t be entering as work commitments won’t allow. Best of luck to the winner, and I hope they do you proud.


P.S. Read this article the other day, thought it might be up your street.

A tag line from it: “Photographs have the power to create, to condemn, to celebrate or reveal and to catalyse.” No connections, just thought it was cool.

Sylvia Borgo says:

A chance to listen to great music and to shoot + hang out with THE Chase Jarvis! WHOA! Totally awesome! I hope I win! I hope I win! I hope I win! Here is my concert work

Emilia says:

I really want to go, I tweeted a lot this morning, although I just realized something… I don’t have a visa! Yikes, there’s really short (or no) time to get a visa if I win… well whatever… Good luck to everyone, this really sounds like a great experience and a very exciting time!

faisal says:

Really want to hop in, lets see what happens.

Amy says:

I’ve already turned down an invite to head from PDX to SEA for the block party, but if THIS is how I get to see it? Uhhh yeah, count me in.

B. Moore says:

This should be AWESOME! Glad you and your team put this together!

So are you going to have a your own set/stage at the event to do interviews/concerts or will you pull a Leo Laporte by running a around the event with a few boxes from or have the corporate sponsors stepped up to the plate and provided the $$$ to live stream this 3 day fest?

Chase says:

WE’re live streaming for three days – combo of a private lounge for interviews and small performances, plus some select main stage acts. Should be a blast.

Ross says:

This is awesome, Chase! As ever, finding novel ways to shed light on otherwise underexposed (no pun intended!) talent. As much as I’d love to enter I don’t think I could afford the time away from work and family right now. Would really appreciate any critique on my latest concert shots though,

Many thanks from Scotland, and please keep doing what you’re doing.


Martina says:

I signed up for Twitter just for this!! Well, and other CreativeLive stuff that I always miss out on ;) Thanks for the chance, have a GREAT time, with or without me :D

Yay… just followed and tweeted. Will continue to do so. am also going to blog about this, though maybe I shouldn’t. the less people the greater chance of winning. right? just kidding.

Chris Allen says:

Awesome! just tweeted :)

Chase, just a heads up I picked up a small grammar error in the tweet text “I wanna to go the #CHBP” should be “I wanna go to the #CHBP”

Thanks for the opportunity!


Chase says:

got it. updated. thanks!!

This is so amazing!

But only through twitter and randomly…?
Wouldn’t it be even more awesome if this was for people that *really* dig concerts photography?

Would you please check out my rock/indie concerts work?
I really think you could like it :)


Chase says:

hi mauricio – I wish there were other methods that were able to pull together quickly on all the platforms besides twitter – we’ll get better with time ;) hope you’ll be tweeting anyway and tuning into the live broadcast, if not enjoying it from SEA.

Yeah, I know, Chase…
It’s still hard to believe that you even dedicate time to reply so many people here.

I’ve asked just because I and many people doesn’t have a Twitter account.
I’m seriously thinking about creating one just to follow your Q&As, cjLIVEs and contests :)
Seriously. That’s just another one I’ll be missing…

Really looking forward to this event!

done! let’s do this :)

nik says:

Just tweeted; would be a dream!!

This would be a dream come true, working along side an inspiraition and one my heroes in this industry. Have already tweeted it.

¡¡¡¡¡ OH MY GOD¡¡¡ >_< JAJAJA I really wanna go¡¡¡ :P I will do SPAM on twitter xD so my chance of being selected can be more xD JAJAJA¡¡¡

Thanks for the opportunity Chase¡¡¡ I will really love to win :3…

Hi from El Salvador :3

Tuned In to this for sure¡¡¡ :D

Wilfredo says:

from El Salvador! thats cool! I’m Salvadoreano myself…I have tons of familia there..good luck!


thanks Chase!

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