From Below: Comes Tarantino – Part I [perspective]

Perspective. I’ve mentioned it before. Shifting yours can impact your work substantially. As an example, I found this short piece highlighting the work of Quentin Tarantino. One of his favorite signature perspectives is from below. Fun to watch and just what the doctor ordered before the long weekend (for those of us here in the USA). Enjoy the time off if you have it – and if you’re going to use it to create photos or video – try a new perspective and see what happens.

I’ll be featuring more of these pieces today. Stay tuned.

These exist thanks to the work of Kogonada.

Hathway says:

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Heya this is a wonderful write-up. I’m free to send this to my friends. I stumbled by this while browsing by bing I’ll live sure to extend move backward. gratitude for sharing.

That is really interesting and inspiring! It gives the scenes a slightly unique look and certain feeling of drama.
The video about Kubrick’s perspective is really cool, too…
As a fan of both directors: Thank you for sharing!

c.d.embrey says:

Nothing new here. Orson Wells was doing this before Taratino was born.

Wells said that you could tell the mental age of a director by his camera height placement. Wells’ work often looked like a child observing an adult world.

One of the rules of “portrait photography’ is to never shoot a woman from a low angle. Seems like many “fashion photographers” didn’t get the memo, ’cause lots of fashion photos are shot from a low angle. Other photographers who didn’t get-the-memo are man of those who shoot skate and snowboarding 8-)

mugget says:

Because photography and artistic expression are all about proving your mental age and following the rules of photography…

faisal says:

There are no rules in photography. you make your own.

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