Slow Motion Shark Attack: A Phantom Captures a Predator in Action

I’m headed to South Africa in just a few days to reunite with our friend Mike Horn onboard the Pangaea. This area of the world is one of the places where the powerful and eerily beautiful Great White shark likes to hang out. The internet tells me that there have beeb 214 shark attacks and 42 fatalities in the past 100 years in the waters of South Africa – and that the area near Capetown where we’ll be shooting is nicknamed “shark alley.” Awesome. Sounds exciting.

I’ve pointed a Phantom camera at some beautiful animals in my career (click here to see the cjLIVE episode where we run the Phantom on a full-day fashion shoot) but never at a predator shown in this video. The action is both gorgeous and terrifying at the same time.

Stay tuned from updates from Capetown, South Africa.

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