The Future of Technology for Creatives with Robert Scoble [chasejarvisLIVE re-watch]

Here’s a bit of Sunday morning content to kick off your day, maybe with a cup of coffee or the newspaper. The recent chasejarvisLIVE I did with Robert Scoble as my guest.

Photo gear, gadgets, computers, apps, software – it’s all featured in this episode. We caught ourselves another big kahuna guest for chasejarvisLIVE. The web’s most influential gear + tech geek–bar none. He’s a gadget lover, an technology savant, a Silicon Valley insider, and–in his spare time–he’s a photographer too. Many of the most powerful people in technology share their secrets and consult with Robert to know what’s next in the world of gear, tech, apps, and more. And we photographers, creatives, really want to know this stuff – it’s in our DNA.

Well, prepare to see behind the curtain as I host Robert on this Future of Technology for Creatives episode of chasejarvis LIVE — you will be first to hear about the trends in gadgets and technology tools that he believes will shape the next decade and beyond. More than just cool cameras, we’ll discuss wearable image sensors, realtime creative collaboration, mindblowing cloud solutions and other stuff that makes my brain hurt. Understanding how to harness these tools for your own creative purposes will be worth 90 minutes.

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Greg says:

Will the machine be clever enough to realise I like counterculture media (music, movies, photography). I doubt it, the machine is only aimed at pointing the sheep to thing’s that everyone else likes.

Craig Frisby says:

I get it- Im creative- i’m all over the sharing/new media- but how the HELL do you monitize it? everybody expects it all for FREE these days!?!?

I’m serious here.


Jberryphoto says:


Was wondering if we could get a list or even better some links to the apps that were mentioned on this show. By the way the future does look bright for those that know how to use the new tools that will be at our disposal.


Orcasmac says:

I can understand the social and geographic context that this interview discussed as integral to photography, but why does/should it matter what device I use to capture an image?

Randell John says:

I don’t think it really matters, unless you want the world to see your work on a a badly calibrated computer monitor.
Not everyone wants to become a famous photographer or even make a living from photography.
Many shoot just for personal pleasure.

faisal says:

Future seems quite bright, Creativity never goes away.

steve ward says:

i was wondering where i could get some of those camera’s at? the mirrorless camera’s?

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