The Next Big Thing [I’m Serious]: REIGNWOLF

Prepare yourselves. The age of Reignwolf is upon us.

After personally witnessing multiple insane performances by Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf, that’s the feeling I get. He’s upon us – and brings a no-holds-barred guitar, soaks it in an electrocuting sweaty stage presence and then punches it home with the grittiest devil-may-actually-care voice and lyrics. Sometimes he plays with a band – other times, like in this clip, he’s a one-man storm that showcases rare talents like ripping on the drums with one hand and his guitar with the other, picking with the drumstick, breaking lightbulbs and covering the stage with his…well… let’s just say it’s the real deal folks.

This clip is from a few weeks back when Reignwolf brought his thump and stomp to our special chasejarvisLIVE broadcast form Capitol Hill Block Party VIP lounge. The kicker? You can’t even buy his music yet. Forthcoming on iTunes and you saw it here first. And if you ask nicely, we’ll kick, bite, beg + scratch to get him back to a full, proper #cjLIVE this fall.

[please help me promote this guy. he’s so worthy. share it]

If you go to his website you’ll see some other live performances. He lets it all hang out. And it’s all good. We’ve been waiting to show you this.

reignwolf by chase jarvis

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